Technology Law Basics

Technology laws are a sub-category that fall under the main category of Intellectual Property (IP) laws.

Most Technology Lawyers assist with intellectual property matters such as patent registrations, trademark filing, patent ideas, copyrights, and other trademark issues. Some Technology Lawyers also assist and facilitate in licensing, franchising, trade disputes, and settling or filing claims of unfair transaction or competition, as well as handle any other intellectual property concerns a client may have.

Common Technology Related Issues

Technology Lawyers handle many tech related issues including:

  • internet law
  • Trademark disputes
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Domain names
  • Patents
  • Copyright topics
  • Cyber crime issues
  • Internet business plans
  • Trade Secrets
  • Software and Computer contracts
  • Telecommunications & business issues
  • Biotechnology

There are many technology and IP laws exist, below you will find four of the major intellectual property laws that exist in the United States that are significant for technology and multimedia developers:

  • Copyright law, grants the protection of original "works of authorship."
  • Patent law, protects any new, helpful, and "nonobvious" inventions created and processes.
  • Trademark law, this protects the identity of manufacture and/or business name, word and symbol that are used to identify their goods and services.
  • Trade secret law, this protects important information that is not commonly known to the public and has been kept undisclosed by its owner.

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