Spyware Fraud

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Spyware is a type of computer program (i.e., virus) that is used to infiltrate individual and corporate computers with the purpose of gathering the individual user’s personal information, including personal files and web-surfing habits. In addition, spyware has been known to cause problems with one’s computer (e.g., slower internet speed, changing of one’s home page, and hindering the use of certain programs).

Most computer owners are not aware of just how widespread spyware is. In fact, one survey revealed that 61% of respondents have some sort of spyware in their computer. Of these, only one in ten either knew about, or gave permission for the outside source to install the spyware.

Anti-Spyware Fraud

Starting in the 1990s, spyware became a major issue for computer-users. Since then, computer manufacturers and others have responded with anti-spyware programs so that individuals and corporations can protect their personal and/or intellectual property and information.

However, some computer hackers have responded as well with anti-spyware fraud and adware fraud. What might happen is that an individual’s computer that does not have protection against spyware could be hacked, and have spyware secretly installed into it. Then, the computer owner will see notices that his/her unit has spyware, and will receive pop-up ads for spyware protection, often for a large fee. This is one form of what has come to be known as adware fraud.

As a result of these forms of fraud, states like Washington and Iowa have banned certain kinds of spyware. Additionally, private companies have sought to install certain protections against spyware, including data stealing spyware penalties.

Spyware Fraud Legal Help

To ensure that your computer is not infected with spyware, it is highly advisable to purchase some form of spyware protection. There are many forms available at local computer stores. However, you should do research on the individual programs to determine which are most effective, genuine, and work best for your computer and individual needs.

In the event that someone has used spyware to steal your intellectual property or to abuse your privacy, you should consult an experienced lawyer who specializes in this area. Depending upon the crime, you may be due financial recompense, and the person stealing your information is very likely committing a spyware crime. The best way to determine this and to know your legal rights is to contact an attorney.