Malware Crime

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Malware is a general term used to describe a host of different types of software that infiltrate a computer without the explicit consent of the user. Deriving from the phrase “malicious software”, malware is ubiquitous in the modern age of computers. Studies suggest that the production of malware seems to have exceeded the rate at which legitimate software is proliferated.

Malware Issues

Although some forms of malware computer crime fall within the category of relatively benign pranks and annoyances, the prevalence of broadband internet has allowed for a burgeoning wave of malware solely intended to reap profits. Yet another form of malware is characteristically hostile, as it is used to destroy code and computational processes. Given the insipient problem of these types of software, online malware penalties are swiftly becoming a focus of lawmakers across the globe.

Types of Malware

There are various types of infectious programs that fall under the definition of malware. The most prevalent of these include spyware and bots, which allow an author to illicitly monitor user activity of the host system remotely.

Criminal Malware Penalties

Spybot data stealing penalties can range from incarceration to hefty fines, and are contingent upon the level of severity of the attack. In some cases, millions of credit and debit card data is stolen; this level of mayhem constitutes malware fraud felony, which can lead the perpetrators to serve numerous years in prison as well as pay enormous fines.

Malware Victim Lawyer Help

The problem of malware is a serious concern. The prevalence of malware has put the personal and financial information of computer users increasingly at risk. If you have noticed irregular activity on your computer such as frequent pop-up ads or automatically generated websites on your browser, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer. Stealing financial and personal data is a serious crime, and a qualified lawyer can help you take the right steps to persecute the internet criminals who are responsible for infiltrating your computer.

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