I professionally blog and noticed many websites are copying my work. Is there any online copyright protection laws for this?

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I am a professional blogger and I produce content for a number of highly successful websites.  I have been noticing a growing problem related to people flat-out copying my work and posting on their own sites, as if it was actually there work.  I’m getting very frustrated with this – is there anything I can do to stop the theft of my online work? What does copyright law and internet have to say?


As more and more people start to rely solely on the internet to get their daily news and information, the issue of Online Copyright Protection has been gaining more attention. The fact of the matter is that copyright laws for printed materials are basically the same as copyright laws for online material. The intellectual property of an individual does not change based on the venue in which it is displayed – if it’s your work on paper, it’s still your work online. The main difference between printed materials and online material is that the internet has exponentially more traffic and therefore a more extensive copyright infringement problem due to more internet copyright violation and less internet usage security.

While there are services that will help you search online for copyrighted material, there is no real way to prevent online copyright infringement. There are, however, some techniques that you can use in order to try and achieve Online Copyright Protection of your work. One technique to reduce copyright infringement is to use a java script that disables the ‘right click’ function on a webpage. By doing this, the reader is unable to copy/paste the information, and will likely move on. Another helpful tip is to highlight the “©” notation and include a line such as “©Author Name/Copyrighted Material/Publication Date” to try and deter would-be thieves. While this will not solve your problem, it may help lessen the occurrence of your work popping up on other people’s sites.

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