Internet (Cyber) Law

The voices demonstrating against trademark and copyright infringement on the Internet are screaming louder and louder. Already, there are a thousands of copyright and internet cases where someone claims that intellectual property rights have been violated somewhere in cyberspace and courts around the world are now in the midst of creating Internet law.

The Internet and Current IP Laws

Creating internet trademarks, internet copyrights, and internet law that governs every area of the Internet and depending legal questions is more than complex. While other areas of commerce have some kind of relation to disputes already settled in the past, Internet and intellectual property laws have no prior assessments to rely on. Instead, new business technology law and guidelines are created and it is the difficult task of today’s judges to fit legal questions into the present legal framework.

Categories of Internet Law

  • Web site development and legal issues
  • Service provider liability
  • Trademarks on the Internet
  • Domain name disputes
  • Web page linking

Even though the law governing the Internet is still a fledgling one, common sense helps us understand a good portion of it. For this reason, it should be obvious that copyright issues, trademark concerns or defamation matters follow the same laws present in traditional jurisdiction. However, for niche issues regarding information technology laws, it will take some time until widely applicable and acceptable regulations are found.

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