What do I need to know about Electronic Signatures Law for Digital Signatures on my new internet business?

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I own a small business and I am thinking of starting an online store to reach more customers.  What do I need to know about Electronic Signatures Law in order to be able to protect myself and my business?



With major advancements in technological capabilities throughout the world, more and more business owners are deciding to venture into the online marketplace.  While doing business online helps reach a much larger client base, business owners also run the risk of their site being hacked and their data being stolen.  To combat this problem, many websites are now using a electronic digital signature to communicate with customers and allow customers to login to business websites. 

Additionally, businesses benefit from the use of an Electronic Signature which allows a customer to legally sign a document and effectively adopt the terms.  Businesses should note that an Electronic Signature Contract is binding and creates a contract when the customer assets to terms.   In terms of enforceability of Electronic Signatures Law stipulates that an Electronic Signature is as effective as a hand-written signature.  By including safety and privacy provisions with digital signature protections, the validity of an Electronic Signature is less likely to be an issue in your online business.